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Hello I'm Dana Carson.carson.xbm


I play RPG, with my favorite currently being GURPS.

I read a book a day when I have time and all too often when I don't.

Melinda and I are life members of BSFS and always go to Balticon. We're part of Bucconeer the 1998 Baltimore Worldcon.

I use a Mac at home.

And as you can tell from reading this I'm not a writer.


I'm married to Melinda , and we have an 21 year old daughter, Gwendolyn DSC_9524
who is just got married. We have a dog named Kheldar.

We just built a new house.


I'm a programmer contracting with Cyberteams. I program in Ada, C, Perl and shell.

I'm on the Board of Directors for Lunar Resources Inc. sponsers of The ArtemisProject a commercial moon base.

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